1000g Polymorph Thermoplastic Moldable Plastic DIY Material for Repair Tools, Fix Parts, Creating Anything


1000g Polymorph Thermoplastic Moldable Plastic DIY Material for Repair Tools, Fix Parts, Creating Anything

1000g Polymorph Thermoplastic Moldable Plastic DIY Material for Repair Tools, Fix Parts, Creating Anything




1000g Polymorph Thermoplastic Moldable Plastic DIY Material for Repair Tools, Fix Parts, Creating Anything

About Us

We created the Polymorph market and where we lead, others follow. There are now many variations of Polymorph available and quality varies significantly. We have worked with the material for years and now work alongside our manufacturers to make sure you are buying the safest, strongest, highest grade Polymorph on the market today!

Don;t be fooled by expensive low grade/quality Polymorph which is rapidly appearing on the market. We have provided thousands of people and businesses around the world with our Polymorph plastic, and maintained our 100% track record, we aim to continue this outstanding service.

You simply can;t buy this top grade, eco-friendly Polymorph cheaper!

Why buy from us?

We are specialists in Polymorph Plastic and have developed a wealth of knowledge of this fantastic material over the past few years. We select only the strongest, toughest, highest grade Polymorph from our suppliers to ensure you receive only the best mouldable material on the market today. Buying from us is simple, and we aim to maintain our 100% track record of customer satisfaction by providing the service you expect from a dedicated seller like ourselves. Check out our feedback and see for yourself what others think…we simply won’t let you down.

Our Polymorph Plastic

An unusual nylon-like plastic with remarkable properties, After being heated to over 60?C

this material begins to melt and becomes mouldable by hand, it is re-usable as many times as you like. This plastic is an off-white colour and is non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Each pellet is approximately 3mm in diameter.

Volume: 1kg of Polymorph is around 952 cubic cm.

1, Excellent Biocompatibility
Products is compatible in body. fully degrade into CO2 and H2O in 6-12 months in commercial compost
2, Excellent biodegradability
Fully degraded into CO2 and H2O in 6-12 months in commercial compost.
3, Be compatible with other plastic resins
Compatible with PE, PP, ABS, AS, PC, PVAC, PVB, PVE, PA and natural rubber well.
4, Good dissolubility
Aromatics-soluble, ketone-soluble, polar solvent-soluble
5, High crystallinity and low melting point
Good ductility (Tg: -60?C ) ; Melting point is 58?C -62?C.

1, Drug carrier, Organ and tissue culture frame
2, Biodegradable Suture
3, High strength film and filiform molding material.
4, Material in medical, industrial, plastic art and toy
5, Organic coloring agent , thermo-autotype ink, thermal fusion tackifier
6, temporary mold, and more DIY Crafts, Tools, Grips, Repairs, Games, Costumes, Jewelry, Robot parts……..

How to use?
1,Simply heat the pellets in water to over 42?C (water from a hot tap typically).
2,Leave the pellets to melt in the water until they turn transparent.
3,Remove the pellets from the water and mould by hand (add color at this stage if required)
4,Allow the polymorph to cool until solid.
5,Re-heat if further molding is required.

Common Uses

Polymorph has such a huge range of uses, some common uses that our customers use it for include:


2 Crafts

3 Tools

4 Grips

5 Unique shapes

6 Moulds

7 Prototyping

8 Models

9 Repairs

10 Games

11 Costumes

12 Making beads, jewellery, decorative items…

The list is truly endless, your imagination is the limit!


We;d like to think that if you;re smart enough to realize the amazing possibilities of moldable plastic, we wouldn;t have to tell you this, but we;ll do it anyways…

1,Burns suck. Be careful when heating water or using your stove or heat gun to heat up Polymorph. Heating Polymorph above 150 degrees F increases the likelihood of heat related injuries.
2,Small pellets of Polymorph could be a choking hazard. Please supervise small children when using polymorph.
3,Polymorph can stick to different materials when it’s hot. Sometimes you want this, sometimes you don;t. It can stick to the following including but not limited to: metal, other plastic, vinyl, fabrics, acrylics (like fake fingernails or Plexiglas), and Styrofoam .
4,Because of the unique remoldable property of Polymorph, you should keep your finished pieces away from sources of extreme heat. We would hate to see you lose your amazing creation in a tragic space-heater accident.
5,Although its non-toxic, Polymorph has not yet been certifiedsafe for internal useorfood contact safe.

Need Help?

Feel free to ask us any questions about polymorph plastic as we will respond fast, and are more than happy to help you.


Monday to Friday all items ordered before 15:00 BST are posted the same day and orders made on weekends are posted on Monday.

Same day 1st Class postage as standard.


We post worldwide

For large quantities orders are sent using a tracked courier.

If you require another postage service then please contact us.


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